RC Academy

Continuous capability building

We manage our people development program through our HR department. Training starts with initial orientation which is planned for every role in the organization.

We assess the performance and deliverance of each employee in order to identify development areas. These systems are tools to help us identify the opportunities in both functional i.e. job related and personal development areas.

The competency model of RCE indicates which skills are required for each role. This is described in the job description for every position in the company. The person in the particular role is required to possess the skills identified. Any gaps should be filled with training within the time period set.

Training for functional skills and personal development is given by RC Academy which aims for continuous capability building. Trainers are selected within the organization and each session is evaluated by the participants in order to maintain high standards of training.  RC Academy trains through trainers within the organization and collaborates with professional trainers from globally certified institutions. The training sessions are open to all employees.