Our People Management Strategy

People, people and people...

What we offer

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Performance based system
  • Top talent management program
  • Career planning
  • Benefits and beyond
  • Job enrichment
  • Empowerment
  • Training and capability building
  • Digitalized HR systems
  • A formalized policy and corporate strategy for wages and benefits
  • Our corporate handbook RC101 provides guidance to our employees

Our strategy and approach to our people

We believe our people make a difference, we differentiate ourselves with our people and we win with our people.
We improve people skills at all levels and develop skills in all fields.
We help through their career journey with our career management systems.
Build from within is our priority, our organizational vision.
Our people support our HR vision ‘Delivering HR driven superior corporate reputation’ which contributes to our corporate vision of being the trade partner of choice of our suppliers and customers.
We vision to be the employer of choice, focus to attract and manage top talent, reward and recognise work and responsibility.
We assist, guide and encourage our people to execute with excellence.

The way we perceive our people

We respect differences. We see the differences as opportunities and turn them into advantages. Each employee should add value to our business. We believe everyone can contribute to the outcome. We have a democratic culture, we value ideas. We give our employees the opportunity to take responsibility from day one. We prioritize team building, we believe together everyone achieves more. We work with a strong and winning team spirit. We assess our organizational effectiveness and exploit the opportunities.

The way we work

Conform with the laws and regulations at every stage of our operations.
Work discipline is a major principal.
Systems, processes and standardization are fundamentals.
Our work structure supports continuity.
Work safety is a priority.
Gender diversity and equality are core values.
We have corporate HR systems to manage pay, benefits, rights and ensure fair treatment.

Our work discipline

Target superior performance.
Share what is expected and work with SMART targets.
Track performance through KPI's.
Effective measures and efficient reporting systems are in place.
We provide our employees with the right tools to achieve more.
Support work quality and performance with superior IT solutions.
Provide continuous feedback: The feedback system is very active throughout the organization helping employees to be aware of their performance and development. The company encourages everyone to provide feedback at all times to support effective information flow and communication throughout the organization.

Career Planning

We provide training, offer functional and personal development opportunities; invest in continuous capability building; we deploy performance appraisal, an effective tool to identify the opportunity areas for functional and for personal development. The performance appraisal is linked to an action plan to track and ensure development. We reward and nurture talent, offer career planning for everyone.
Individual Action Plan is central. Our underperformance management system is designed to detect reasons and identify root causes behind poor performance from target setting to personal matters linked to an action plan to achieve development.