Our Hiring Process

We have a formalized hiring process.

Step 1 - Application

  • You may apply using the online application form.
  • Fill in an application form on site.
  • Send your CV via e-mail: ik@ramadancemil.com

Step 2 - Review and preliminary selection
Required skills, qualifications and capabilities are identified for each role in relation to our corporate competency model. Candidates are selected according to the requirements of our competency model.

Step 3 - Interview
Once the candidates are selected they are called for an interview. During the interview we inform the candidate on what we offer as a company and look to see how the candidate relates to, compares with and connects with our success drivers. If needed a second interview may be carried out where top management or a function owner may be invited to attend and give feedback.

Step 4 - Assessment
Candidates who pass the interview may undergo a series of tests according to the role they are to take. These include reasoning, and personality/behavioral tests. Required scores are clearly identified, guidance and recommendations are provided for each type of test.

Step 5 - Hiring and Orientation
Once the person for the role is selected, the orientation program which is tailor made for each role is implemented. Training is provided throughout the orientation program.