Our Core Values


  • Transparent relationship between employees at all levels, between the Company and its customers and business partners
  • Sensitive towards business ethics and principals
  • Operate and manage processes in compliance with the laws and regulations


  • Respectful towards employees, customers and business partners.


  • Valuing trust between employees, customers and business partners


  • Employees are the primary owners of the Business, respect and own their responsibilities, feel attached to the Company


  • Focused to achieve a consensus
  • Adopt a democratic approach, let everyone be heard
  • Be creative and encourage creativity
  • Prioritize effective teamwork and support each other
  • Believe that together everyone achieves more
  • Winning together
  • Create synergy
  • Adopt 'Us' and 'We' culture
  • Value differences and create a synthesis


  • Deliver superior work quality and execution
  • Be ambitious to be an overachiever

Social Responsibility

  • Be an example to the community, support the community and actively engage in community, be a leader for the community, manage social and  environmental impact of the Business