Company History

Our founder

The Company proudly bares the name of its founder.

Ramadan Cemil, 1916-1976

We are proud of our journey...

1943 - Ramadan Djemil
Ramadan Cemil, establishes his company under Ramadan Djemil in 1943 in Limassol, Cyprus, trading agricultural produce globally.

1974 - A turning point
Cyprus is divided North (Turkish Cypriot territory) and South (Greek Cypriot Territory), Ramadan Cemil immigrates to the North, to Kyrenia with his family.    

1975 - Ramadan Cemil Enterprises   

He establishes Ramadan Cemil Enterprises under The Turkish Federated State of Cyprus. The Company starts to distribute beer and wine imported from Turkey across the Federated State.

1976 - The second generation
At the age of 60, Ramadan Cemil passes away. His son Hasan and his daughter Işın take over the management of the Company.

1977 - First global brand representation
In 1977 RCE becomes the official distributor of The Gillette Company.

1984 - Incorporation

1983 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is declared providing the opportunity for Ramadan Cemil Enterprises Limited Company to be incorporated in 1984.

Hasan Ramadan Cemil: a visionary, a true entrepreneur, a pioneer...

With the vision and entrepreneurship of Hasan Ramadan Cemil, the Company enlarges its portfolio and transforms into one of the largest sales and distribution companies in the FMCG and Spirits sectors, operating across the nation.

In 1999, Hasan Ramadan Cemil passes away. Işın Ramadan Cemil takes over the role of Chief Executive Officer.

A brand building partner, the journey continues...

Today, Ramadan Cemil is a  brand building and distributor partner of leading global companies.

It remains as a family owned company under the leadership of the CEO Işın Ramadan Cemil. The Corporate Leadership Team consists of familiy members and professionals.

The Company continues its journey, evolving and growing its business on its solid corporate culture, innovative and successful business practices which significantly differentiate Ramadan Cemil.